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Bj’s Earthmoving is proudly owned and operated by Brenton “BJ” Williams. His

family has been a part of the Leongatha community for 5 generations and Bj is proud

to continue the tradition today, by settling down in Leongatha with his wife Clare, son

Hugh, daughter Matilda and dog Spencer.

Bj is in his early 30’s but has a lifetime’s worth of experience in the civil construction

and earthmoving industry, growing up working on farms and generally getting his

hands dirty from hard work at a young age.

At the age of 20, Bj completed a 4-year apprenticeship with the South Gippsland

Shire’s Construction Unit, where he achieved competency in various plant, machinery

and equipment. He also gained certified qualifications in both civil construction and

bridge building works.

Bj then moved to Melbourne to work for a civil construction company where he drove

trucks and operated plant for a year.

In 2005, Bj and Clare moved to Western Australia to work in the mining sector,

starting at the bottom he was able to work his way up and eventually became
a site manager that was responsible for millions of dollars worth of machinery and a
large crew.

Five years later, after gaining valuable skills and experience, Bj and Clare decided
to move back to Leongatha to settle down and start a family…
and an earthmoving business.













Fast-forward six years, and Bj’s Earthmoving has steadily grown into the well-known

and respected family business that it is today. Bj has built his reputation on sheer
hard work, great customer service and for letting the high quality of his work
speak for itself.

Bj is not one for resting on his laurels and plans on continuing to grow his business

and invest in the Leongatha community and surrounding areas. Bj’s Earthmoving

pays close attention to new industry standards and adheres to all legal, safety and

environmental rules and regulations.

Bj, his family and his team, would like to thank the community and clients- past and

present, for supporting Bj’s Earthmoving and for making us your trusted and

preferred local earthmoving contractor.

Cheers, and thanks for your time.

the team
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